Indiglo Installation Guide
1992-1996 Toyota Camry

Written by: Craig Techak (aka MrRavenX)

Note: These instructions are based on a 1995 Toyota Camry LE V6 Automatic and may not be 100% compatible with your car setup. Neither I or Team SC³ are responsible for your actions while using this tutorial. Please be careful. If you are unsure about something, post a message on our forum and we'll be glad to assist you in anyway we can. I apologise for some of the pictures not being availible. I will post these as soon as they become availible.

Tools Needed:
Flathead screw driver
Philips screw driver
12mm wrench
Wire cutters
Super glue or double sided tape (super glue recommended)

PART ONE: Removing the dash and instrument panel
1 - Around the radio of your car you'll notice a U-shaped plastic piece. This needs to be removed. To remove it place your flathead screw driver underneath it and pry it loose. It should come right off.
2 - Removing the U-shaped plastic will reveal two screws. One on each side. Remove these two screws.
3 - Now remove the two screws located directly above your instrument panel.
4 - The dash is now ready to be pulled out. Don't worry, it's actually not that hard. The best way to do this is to grip the dash right below the instrument panel. Now pull it downward and toward youself at the same time (Note: The left air vent may get caught. Use your fingers to wedge it free if this becomes a problem). You will only be able to pull out the dash by a few inches because there is a lot of electrical plugs attached to it. Start disconnecting these. If you have trouble disconnecting the clock (as I did), just simply unscrew the two screws holding it in. Once the dash is completely free, move it to a safe location.
5 - Now we can remove the instrument panel. There are four screws holding the instrument panel in place. Remove each of these. Now slowly pull the instrument panel out and disconnect the cables attached to the back. Once this is done the instrument panel will be free and you can remove it from your car.

PART TWO: Installing the guages
1 - On the front of your instrument panel there are two screws holding the clear plastic shield in place. Remove these and you should be able to pop the shield right off.
2 - Now flip your instrument panel over. We are going to be removing some screws from the back. You'll notice that there are three screws holding the tachometer in place, and four screws holding the speedometer in place. Removal all seven of these.
3 - Now turn your instrument panel back over so that the front is facing you. Now we need to remove the black cover holding the speedometer and tachometer in place. If you look above and below the front of the instument panel you'll notice several tabs holding this black cover in place. Use a flathead screw driver to pop these loose. Now remove the black cover.
4 - Remove the speedometer and the tachometer. Now you can install the gas and temperature Indiglo gauges. These will just slide right on. I highly recommend either gluing or taping these down as they could pop up and prevent your needles from moving in the future. Now put your tachometer and speedometer back in place and install their Indiglo gauges as well. Be careful if you are super gluing these down. If you use too much near the edges, the glue may seap through. Give your guages about 5 minutes to dry. Once they are installed, route the temperature and tachometer Indiglo wires through the top left squared groove. Now route the gas and speedometer wires through the top right squared groove and put the black cover back over the instrument panel. Flip the instument panel around and put the seven screws back in the back. Now reinstall the clear plastic cover on the front.

Note: DO NOT REMOVE YOUR NEEDLES when installing the gauges, as this is not nessesary.

PART Three: Giving your Indiglos power
1 - Before we hook any wires up, I recommend mounting the indiglo power box first. A perfect spot for this is right behind the lower vent. Unfortunately, this is where I installed the shock sensor for my car alarm. Fortunately, the spot is big enough for both. So I moved my shock sensor over and screwed in my indiglo box next to it. If this location won't work for you, try installed it on the wall right behind your brake pedel. Be sure to check for proper clearance!
2 - Now we need to get the Indiglo connection wires up to the top. I hope your back is in good shape, because you need to stick your head right next to your brake pedel and feed the wires up. It's possible to do this by yourself. But if you can't reach have a friend grab the wires for you once they're on the top. Now get your Instrument panel and plug the wires in.
3 - Reconnect all the plugs to your instrument panel. Now screw your instrument panel back in place.
4 - Ok, now we need to hook your Indiglos up with a power source. Rather then splicing into wires like some people do, there is a much easier route to go. We are going to hook your Indiglos up to your fuse box. To access the fuse box you need to remove the little drawer as seen in the picture.
5 - Now you need to route the power cable (red) from your indiglo box up to your fuse box. Yes, this means you need to put your head by the brake pedel again and push the wire through the side of the fuse box. Once this is done rip about an inch of plastic off the wire with your wire cutters. Twist the wire up and find a fuse to stuff the wire in with. I recommend using either the "Tail-light" fuse, or the "Heated Seats" fuse. Using the tail-light fuse will make your indiglos turn on whenever you turn your lights on. Using the "heated seats" fuse will always leave your indiglos on (as long as your cars on of course). Pick one and replace the drawer. NOTE: There should be a table describing all of the fuses on the back of the drawer you pulled out.

Note: I highly recommend using a power tester to make sure the spot you pick is getting power.
6 - Ok, now we need to find a ground for the negative wire (black). A good spot for this is one of the bolts on the wall right behind your brake/gas pedels. Take about an inch of plastic off the black wire and twist it up. On this part it helps if you have one of those electrical washers that you can attach wires to. If you don't have one you can pick one up at your local car shop, or you can go the ghetto route... just loosen one of the screws behind your gas/brake pedel an stuff the wire in there, then tighten it.

Note: I highly recommend using a power tester to make sure the spot you pick is grounded.
7 - Find a nice spot to place your Indiglo controller. I put mine right next to the fuse box. Put yours wherever you like (as far as the cord will let you anyway).

PART Four: Reinstalling your dash
1 - You can probably figure this part out on your own. If not, start by putting your dash just over your steering wheel. Now reconnect all of the plugs. If you had to unscrew your clock, don't forget to screw it back in. Now push your dash back in. Make sure that all the vents line up correctly, especially the one to the left of the steering wheel. Now replace the four screws you removed as in pictures B and C. And finally, replace the U-shaped plastic panel around your stereo. Now power up the engine and watch those guages glow!!

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