April 21st, 2001
   ATOM2 (All Toyota Owners Meet 2)

  April 21st, 2001
   Long Beach Team SC³ Picnic (Part I)
   Long Beach Team SC³ Picnic (Part II)
   Long Beach Team SC³ Picnic (Part III)

  March 5th, 2001
   Samson's 2nd Generation Camry 3S-GTE

  March 3rd, 2001
   Jen Liu Lighting Meet

  February 24th, 2001
   Toyota Vintage Museum Tour

  February 10th, 2001
   NOPI/SEMA International Auto Salon
  January 27th, 2001
   Hot Import Nights - Sugi gets his 'mackin crackin'

  January 21st, 2001
   Evil Moreno Valley Gen3 Taxi

  January 20th, 2001
   EL Prototypes

  January 6th, 2001
   Los Angeles Auto Show
   Pre-show meeting

  December 9th, 2000
   Speed Zone meeting

  November 25th, 2000
   Pink's Hot Dogs meeting

  November 11th, 2000
   E.L. Prototypes meeting

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